Exercise to Reduce Stress

Posted in Intelligent by Herrilujah on December 27, 2007

 Stress is a normal part of living but accumulated tensions and
unusually stressful situations can cause distress. 
   Any activity that either allows your muscles to relax or that
expends large amounts of physical energy will make you feel less
stressed.  Here are some relaxation techniques to help you relieve
1- Take ten deep breaths.  Fill every corner of your lungs, hold,
then slowly exhale until you’ve squeezed it all out.  Repeat.  All
that oxygen will charge you with energy. 

2- Roll your neck.  To get rid of tension in the neck, let your
chin drop forward.  Now, keeping shoulders level, slowly roll your
head in a full circle to right shoulder, back, left shoulder and
front.  Repeat nine times, alternating directions. 

3- Loosen up your body.  Sit upright in a chair.  Lift your arms
over your head and swing them back, down and forward in a circle, like a swimmer’s backstroke, until they are once again over your head.  Repeat nine times. 

4- Stand and stretch.  Stand up and stretch your hands high over
your head; then with knees bent to prevent strain, touch your
toes.  Repeat nine times.  Stand with your hands on hips, legs
apart.  Bend toward at the waist until your upper torso is
parallel with the floor.  Still bending at the waist, rotate your
upper body and head first to the right, then to the left and then
to the front.  Repeat nine times, alternating directions. 

5- Unknot your back.  Sit on the edge of your chair, feet flat,
and lean forward, chest on knees, hands and head hanging loosely
down.  Breathe deeply.  Slowly unroll your back, vertebra by
vertebra, until you are sitting upright.  Repeat until all the
kinks are out. 

6- Relax Completely.  Lie on the floor, or sit in a comfortable
chair.  Keep your hands at your side or on the arms of the chair. 
Beginning with your toes and going all the way up to your scalp,
visualize each part of your body and tell it to relax.  Take your
time.  Go back over any area that becomes tense again until
finally your whole body is relaxed. 
Try some of these activities:
– swimming 
– walking 
– jogging 
– yoga 
– mediation


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